Pets and Families

Pets are great therapy for an individual and even families. There is a lot of stress for the families of an incarcerated person. Emotional stress and trying to keep the families together can be hard. A majority of the families can not afford many things, because the sole wager earner is incarcerated. Even when they are released it is hard for them to find a job. A simple thing like a pet would help make their lives better, the therapy alone is priceless. But for some this becomes a burden because of the cost involved to taking care of that pet. To some homeless people, this is all the have to rely on is their companion "A Loyal Pet".

Prep Oregon helps with providing the resources for adopting a rescue pet,  treats, food, warm sweaters, and other essentials so that their pet is taken care of also.

Our pet therapy program is in Honor of Pepe who loved to be with people and comfort them.

Although she is no longer with us, her spirit lives on through this program.

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