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"I would like to say thank you for your help in both the care package and the knowledge you have shared with me in working with coupons. The care package was very important upon my release from prison as money is tight, And getting the basic things that a person needs to have can be a challenge for many of us. The time and effort that you all have put into not only getting these essential items to us, but in going out and locating them is very appreciated, I cannot thank you enough. as important as that is the knowledge that you helped me gain in the world of couponing has even been more valuable to me in everyday life. I can go to the store and more often than not save 50-70% and sometimes more of my bill. this money is more important to a individual in my situation than than a normal everyday person. The time and effort you have put into this program has made my transition back into the community much easier and reduced the stress over making ends meet. Thank you and keep up the good work as there will always be a need for caring people that want to help people such as myself"


"My name is Curtis I was at OSCI from Febuary 2006 to November 2012. Near the end of my incarceration I enrolled in the transitional services offered there. One of the classes was was Prep's Couponing class, Taught by Jea. now at first I thought "nah couponing is for women, for mothers who don't work and have loads of time to figure out ways to save money for their families in these often expensive times" I decided to go  amazed at the amount of money you can save if you are willing to put a little effort into it. Being a felon it was hard for me to find a job at first and finances were tight. I found the things I learned very helpful and really aided me in getting the things I needed with the limited budget I had to work with. Now I am training to become a Mentor through Prison Ministries at my church, FOTO or Free On The Outside in Oregon City. I had a lot of help and support when I transitioned back into the community and I am  at a place where I want to, "pay it forward" and give back all of the support I had when I got out. I believe it is important for people getting out of prison having some sort of support prior to release, And then out in the community where they will live.
When I was released I received a "care package"  which had numerous hygiene products that would have been very expensive if I had to purchase these items on my own. Having these bare necessities provided for individuals being released is very helpful and can help relieve some stress and financial burden of returning to the community. Through couponing I can acquire these items for pennies on the dollar, often free. I credit all my knowledge of this to Jea at Prep Oregon. Without this program I may not have come to the point I am now, where I can give back and make maybe one persons life easier"


" I just want to thanks to all the people at Prep Oregon for all the help. I was released from prison and lost everything while I was in prison. Prep Oregon gave me a very generous care package that included underclothes, shoes, hygiene items and even laundry soap. This really gave me a break Because everything is so tight right now. The care package was really complete. Thank you so much Aleric for creating such a great program God Bless"


"I would like to say thank you to Aleric and Jea from Prep for years of coming into the prison and teaching the releasing inmates how to save money by couponing. Prep is a big asset to our community, With the services they provide inside the prison to inmates that are releasing out into the community. During our coupon classes we are joined with other inmates we would not interact with except for classes, this teaches us to work together as a team. I was one of the lucky ones that had the pleasure of working inside with prep Oregon as their coupon clipper before I was released. When I was released I received a large back pack of hygiene items and clothing to help me go to interviews. I cannot express enough how much this program means to me and is a asset to the community, teaching newly released inmates to fit back into the community, I want to say Thank You"